Come Visit Portlandia!

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Above Average is part of the Broadway Video family. Broadway Video Television, also part of the Broadway Video family, co-produces Portlandia with IFC. All of this is public knowledge.

Fred Armisen, current cast member of SNL (also a Broadway Video co-production, also public knowledge), has appeared in a couple of Above Average videos. This one and this one. Fred and Carrie Brownstein (costar of Portlandia, public knowledge advocate) wrote a book together. Watch the above video to see what it’s all about!

Also, watch the Above Average channel on YouTube!

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Partner Pick: Model Wife- “Hashtags”

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Model Wife is the story of an overachievin’ Steven. You know, that guy who pulls the hot chick/model/cheerleader and everyone goes “WTF?” behind his back.

Get in on the action now so that you too can learn how to:

1.) date a hot model

2.) use Twitter for evil

3.) avoid vodka cranberry well drinks.

Aren’t you glad Above Average is here for all the life lessons that count?

Catch up on the rest of the Model Wife series here!

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