Above Average Holiday Spectacular

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So, the world did not end. We didn’t think it would.

However, we were surprised the world didn’t end after the crew from Rejected Pitches, Cool Kids Table, Belle and Bernice, and The Front Desk came together to party for the holidays. I mean, it could have ended from complete and total awesomeness.



Above Average

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Paula Pell at your front desk and in your Hudson Valley home

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We’re excited about December for a lot of reasons: holidays, snow, HUDSON VALLEY BALLERS, decorations, lights, HUDSON VALLEY BALLERS, cheer, joy, HUDSON VALLEY BALLERS, etc.

Hudson Valley Baller is SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson’s new series on Above Average, and there are a lot of surprises so DON’T MISS IT.

In the meantime, watch Paula hanging out with John Lutz at the Front Desk:

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