Rejected Pitches : Home Alone

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John Hughes is routinely praised for his films accurately depicting middle-class adolescence in America’s suburbs. He had a unique gift writing dialog that captured the speech of our nation’s high-schoolers.

Too bad he doesn’t know squat about violence! Kevin would have dead been so fast! Bang! Shot in the head! Bad guys win! Cute kid loses! That’s it! Credits please!

But don’t listen to me. Watch the Rejected Pitches team give John the business.

New episode of Rejected Pitches above.  See previous episodes here.

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Portrait STUdio: O.A.R. and Daily Grace

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We have a “crazy” new episode of Portrait STUdio featuring O.A.R., also known as Marky Shark and the Funky Bunch, and Daily Grace.

If this episode was a “game of poker,” Mark, the lead singer of O.A.R., would be the one losing “it all” and Grace, playing the make-up artist, would be the one starting “a revolution” by becoming the new female lead singer of the band. Now, fans of Above Average, when I say “oh,” you say “ah,” and when I say “revolution,” you say “jah.” Got it? Good. You guys are the best.

This post is for the real O.A.R. fans.

New Portrait STUdio episode above. See previous episodes here.

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Belle & Bernice : Livin’ in the City – Too Much Makeup

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Who would you rather go on a date with? Honestly, the ladies both have their pros and cons.

Belle would be nice dinner-date. Maybe get dressed up, have a glass of wine, eat a nice meal and have polite conversation. I just don’t see it being a really fun time.

Admittedly, Bernice would be a rough dinner-date. BUT-I wouldn’t necessarily need to get dressed up, I would get very drunk, we would make fun of people and then, and I don’t mean to assume, we’d probably make stinky.

New episode of Belle & Bernice: Livin’ in the City above.  See previous episodes here.

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Rejected Pitches: The Sixth Sense

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If “The Sixth Sense” hadn’t come out, the world would be a very different place.

For one thing, people would have never run around whispering “I see dead people” all the time.

We would have never known that Mischa Barton in her prime was actually way before The O.C.

And finally, we all would have known Haley Joel Osment as that kid in that random movie about lions.

Check out why it should have been rejected on the latest episode of Rejected Pitches! Catch up on the rest of the series here. 


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