NEW SERIES- The Henkle Factor : The Realest Candidate

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Above Average is excited to debut Michael Che’s new series The Realest Candidate.

From our YouTube channel…

“Comedian Michael Che plays a hip hop mogul/vodka entrepreneur/Republican strategist trying to put the bling back into the conservative party’s platform.”

I just couldn’t put it any better.

Also, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, what are you waiting for? So much free comedy!

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LEAKED: Pulled Campaign Ad (The Realest Candidate)

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Remember the glory days? When you could dance if you wanted to? And leave your friends behind?

During this election campaign, with just two weeks to go, Michael Che has been thinking about the candidate who can bring us back to our glory days… the 80s.

Above Average got the exclusive on this pulled campaign ad.

Just remember:


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