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Here’s what we remember from prom night:

  •  Consuming two (2) wine coolers
  •  Grinding to K-Ci & Jojo “All My Life” (Close to me you’re like my sister? Close to me you’re like my brother?)
  •  Getting ditched subsequently after grinding to aforementioned jam
  •  Countless broken dreams.

What we’re trying to say is the best part of the night was probably taking the photo. Luckily, Stu and Brad are all about making the magic happen at Portrait STUdio.

Check out the premiere of our newest series with Simply Unemployable. You’ll watch for the black turtlenecks. You’ll stay because the “Portrait STUdio” song is stuck in your head.

OH and if you tweet your prom photos to @AboveAv, we’ll make you internet famous.

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Portrait STUdio: O.A.R. and Daily Grace

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We have a “crazy” new episode of Portrait STUdio featuring O.A.R., also known as Marky Shark and the Funky Bunch, and Daily Grace.

If this episode was a “game of poker,” Mark, the lead singer of O.A.R., would be the one losing “it all” and Grace, playing the make-up artist, would be the one starting “a revolution” by becoming the new female lead singer of the band. Now, fans of Above Average, when I say “oh,” you say “ah,” and when I say “revolution,” you say “jah.” Got it? Good. You guys are the best.

This post is for the real O.A.R. fans.

New Portrait STUdio episode above. See previous episodes here.

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Locker Room Shenanigans

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Over here at Above Average HQ we don’t like to think about the locker room too much because it brings back some painful memories, like:

-       that time we hid in the locker room so that we didn’t have to do the pull-up contest

-       that time we hid in the locker room so that we didn’t have to climb the rope in gym class

-       that time we hid in the locker room so that… you get the point.

We can only imagine what goes down in the locker room when you’re actually good at sports or something like that.

Sammy Morris, former Patriots RB, breaks it down for us on the latest episode of Portrait STUdio. Catch up on the rest of the series here.

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