Into multi-player video games online? Then, like us, you’ll need a set of cans to experience those sexist, racist, and homophobic slurs in flawless audio. Here are our staff picks of the 10 best online gaming headphones:

gaming headset reviews 11
10. Mad Cats F.R.E.Q. 7 (BEST SOUND)
Whether you’re getting called gay slurs on Halo or being threatened with rape on Elektro, this headset has perfect tonal balance. In testing these out, we were able to clearly hear the difference between when someone was calling us a “cock-sucking fag” or a “cock-fucking hag.” A little on the pricey end, but worth the investment if you’ve got the cash.


gaming headset reviews 10
9. Ear Force X12s (FASTEST SPEED)
Specifically built for the X-Box 360, The Ear Force X12s are great because there’s virtually no lag-time, so you’ll be able to hear yourself getting called a pussy homo right as it happens. And, the sound quality is comparable to the Mad Catz.


gaming headset reviews 9
Sometimes when engaging with gamers online, there’s some feedback that happens when you’re getting told that they want to “fuck you in the throat until you die, bitch,” but not with the SADES. Also there’s none of that tinny quality, so those racist slurs will sound super crisp. No wonder these are so hot right now (-:


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7. PDP’s Afterglow AGU.1S (BEST WIRELESS)
Great sonic depth and quality design. We tested the wireless connection and no matter where we went in the office we could hear the voices of those anonymous adult men loud and clear. Great for when you’re forced to evacuate your home because a sexist gamer finds your home address and threatens to “**** your filthy *** until you bleed, then choke you to death with your husband’s tiny Asian penis.


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6. CM Storm Sonuz (BEST PRICE)
Clocking in at $50, these are our favorite for the price. The higher frequencies had some bleed, but nothing that would get in the way of hearing privileged white teenagers call you the n-word.


gaming headset reviews 5
5. Tritton Pro+ (MOST DURABLE)
Great durability and dynamic sound. Gaming headsets are notoriously poor quality but these particularly surprised us. This headset will last as long as those homophobic diatribes.


gaming headset reviews_7
4. HyperX Cloud (MOST HIGH-TECH)
These are expensive for a reason. With its user-friendly design, these have particularly rich bass for when another male gamer is just screaming at you to go kill yourself. There’s even a toggle on the headset that detects female voices and forcibly mutes them altogether.


gaming headset reviews 4
Too bad online gaming is anonymous, because we’re sure those tormentors would love to see you wearing these as they threatened to have sex with and murder your mother. If you have to get yelled at for being a woman every time you play games (which you do), you might as well look good doing it.


gaming headset reviews 3
2. Sound Blaster Recon 3D Omega (MOST COMFORTABLE)
After playing Titanfall for almost 8 hours, not one of our testers had to remove these comfy headsets while listening to the relentless barrage of verbal abuse. Plus the sound quality is nothing to scoff at; Every “I’m gonna murder you, you dumb queer,” and “I’ll fuck you in the mouth until you die,” was completely coherent.


gaming headset reviews 2
1. Logitech G430 (BEST OVERALL)
We had all 2 of our female employees play Call of Duty to test these out. They felt unsafe and violated because of the specificity and vulgarity of the rape threats they got, but unanimously agreed that this set was the best overall in terms of sound, price, and design. BONUS: this set is also great for listening to personal death threats male gamers might send you.

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