It’s August, y’all! And that means it’s finally time to choose the Song of the Summer!

I think it comes as no surprise that this year’s epic dance groove is “The Masses Wailing About The Futility Of Existence.” Congrats to the hot new band Everyone on their hot single.

Aww, yeah! When you think back to this summer, you won’t be able to not smile when you think about driving around on a warm summer evening, cranking the radio to hear people defending the rights of mentally unstable criminals to buy guns mere days after a mass-shooting tragedy. What a time to be alive and feel like absurdists like Albert Camus really got it right when they said everything is pointless!

Whoop whoop! Summer ’16 will always be synonymous with those funky lyrics that describe how our country actually nominated a presidential candidate who genuinely encouraged a foreign government to hack the computer network of his opponent (and it wasn’t even close to being the craziest thing he said that week! LOL summer 4eva!), and us wondering if it’s even worthwhile to get out of bed in the morning. That’s the 2016 I’ll remember!

So bump that bass, y’all! And contemplate whether any of it — I repeat, any of it — is worth it, or if it’s all just meaningless AF!

Second place in the nationwide vote was DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean.”

David Ingber is the managing editor of Above Average and The Kicker. He loves ping-pong, poker, and crossword puzzles. And dogs. And the Red Sox. And TV. But that’s it. His twitter is @davidingber1

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