It’s hard to be a loser while you still have youth on your side. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of 30 losers who have become totally lame before the tender age of 30! Congratulations!

loser 1
30. This guy is a loser and you can tell he knows it.


loser 2-6
29-25. Just ask someone else to take the photo, losers. So lame.


loser 7
24. What, you climbed that whole mountain in a suit? Great job, ya loser. Put some shoes on.


loser 8
23. Way to be the best at the dumbest sport, loser.


loser 9
22. Ugh we GET it. Just look at this idiot.


loser 10-15
21-16. Nice WIGS.


loser 16
15. Someone tell this kid that her hat is too big.


loser 17-18
13-14. Marriage is for squares. I now pronounce you Loser and Other Loser.


loser 19-21
10-12. Yo, these three girls in the back are the losers. Cyber bullying is NOT cool.


loser 22
9. Loser can’t even walk yet.


loser 23
8. Christ, look at this loser.


loser 24-27
7-4. Percentage of time learning an instrument: 100. Percentage of not losers I am looking at: 0.


loser 28
3. This loser’s coat is way too big (probably a hand-me-down from her big brother).


loser 29
2. How much time did you spend on this, huh? What a loser.


loser 30
1. Smoking is NOT cool you loser. Get out of here.

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