Burning Man is all about community, art and self-reliance. But it’s no secret that in recent years the festival has become more commercial and with that comes more technology.

So how can you avoid technology and enjoy Burning Man the way it was meant to be enjoyed? These apps can help!

Meditate Now. Want to be present in the moment? This iPhone app helps you meditate by having Siri ask you “Are you in the present moment?” every five seconds.

Appreciatr. This app that allows you to appreciate nature through various filters on your camera phone.

Turn Off Phone. This app allows you to turn off your phone completely—by routing all emails, texts, and social media notifications to whoever you are hanging out with. Turn your phone off without missing a single Facebook post.

YurtFinder. This location-based app helps you find where the most people are disengaging from technology in a yurt near you.

Venmo. For buying drugs.

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