Everyone knows that drinking is fun and hangovers are worth it. Headaches, vomiting, exhaustion, feeling like your stomach is a sea of angry liquid — it’s small price to pay for getting so wrecked you can’t remember how you got home or who gave you that cool temporary Spiderman tattoo. But hey, just cause a hangover is worth it doesn’t mean you want it. So here are 5 awesome tips for getting rid of a hangover that don’t involve changing the binge drinking habits you acquired in college and, while your friends seem to have leveled off, you were never really able to shake:

1. Listen To Your Body

All pain is your body trying to tell your mind something. So when your body hurts after you stop drinking, ask yourself, “Why did I stop drinking?” Then start drinking again. Your hangover will be replaced with being drunk. Hangover = Cured!


I call this game “Horizontal Ping Pong With Cups and No Paddles And Someone Help Me I Live Like I’m 19 Still”

2. Try Grandma’s Old Cure

Grandma always knows best. My Gran’s old hangover cure has fixed up generations of my sad, Irish family’s hangovers. It’s super simple to make and keep in the fridge (it works on colds and migraines too). Just mix one part lemon juice, one part iced tea and two parts the top-shelf vodka of your choice. Some people call it a “Drunk Arnold Palmer,” I just call it “What My Nana Always Has In Her Wine Glass.” Works like a charm!

3. Play A Game To Distract You

Sometimes wallowing in your disgusting misery is actually the worst part of a hangover, so try and distract yourself with a simple game. I like to line up six solo cups in a pyramid shape on either side of a ping pong table in the garage where I live and make cam videos for money. Then I try and throw a little ball into the cups. If I get one in, I drink what’s in the cup. I do this until all the cups are gone and I am drunk. Works every time!

4. Take It Easy

Time is the only thing that can really cure a hangover. So just go to sleep and try not to dream.

5. Drink Tons Of Water

And of course – hydrate! Pour yourself a huge glass of water, splash that water in your face and then drink seven beers. Voila, your hangover is gone and replaced with the delicious oblivion of intoxication.

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