This week, 11 people were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, zero of which were basketballs. These balls are dunked, checked, and hooped all day long to then be forgotten altogether in the public consciousness? Call me a whiny pig, but this seems completely unfair. Here are 6 basketballs that deserve the glory all on their own:


Jordan Slam Dunk Competition

Image via ESPN

Michael Jordan’s Basketball
This is hands down the most Fame-ous basketball of all time. When you say, “Name a basketball,” I guarantee 100% of people will answer, “You mean basketball player?” and then they’ll say “Oh, you mean basketball. I guess then, uh, that one Michael Jordan dunked?” This ball single-handedly defined a generation of sneakers.


air bud basketball

Image courtesy of Disney

The Air Bud Basketball
If you don’t recognize this basketball, you’ve been living under a frikkin’ rock. This round guy paved the way for hundreds of dogs who wanted to pursue their dream of becoming a point guard for a young boy’s basketball league.


robert horry basketball

Image courtesy of the Sacramento Bee

The Game-Winning Basketball Robert Horry Sunk at the 2002 Lakers/Kings Western Conference Finals, Game 4.
I know what you’re thinking: how is this not already in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame? I remember watching this game and thinking, “Look at that ball go!” Basketballs are pretty heavy, which made it even harder for that basketball to get into that hoop. Nice going, ball.


space jam basketball

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

The Space Jam Basketball
This basketball has been squashed, sat on, exploded with dynamite, and kissed by a skunk, all for our entertainment purposes. Give this ball a title already!


swarovski basketball

Image courtesy of Hot Fix Rhinestones

This Shiny Basketball
What’s the most important part of Basketball? Showmanship. And this ball’s got plenty. This ball has all the sparkle of a sweaty Dwyane Wade and the optimism of a pre-2003 Kobe Bryant.


the oldest basketball
The First Ever Basketball
The ball that started it all. It’s the George Washington of basketballs. This is honestly a pretty great choice to put in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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