This winter has been rough, so thank the sweet powers that be, April Showers bring May Flowers, but they also bring the newest season of Louie!!! One of the things we look forward to most with each new season is imagining the wide range of guest stars Louis CK will bring out. He can get them all – from comedy’s up and comers to legends like Jerry Seinfeld, New York’s favorite character actors to total weirdos like David Lynch.

Here’s a list of six of our favorite guest appearances, which we dare not rank in any particular order.

Joan Rivers

Louie’s attempt to make out with the late great Joan Rivers gives a lovely heartfelt speech. Louie immediately lunges and attempts to make out with her. A pitch perfect Louie move. And Joan… oh Joan! How she shines.

David Lynch

David Lynch played a convincing network executive when Louie was being ‘vetted’ for a late night show. Nevermind the gun in his drawer at 0:28.

Our writer Celeste’s Brother-in-Law

At 4:18 my sister’s husband runs through the shot. He’s not the first runner in the red shirt. He is the second. Also Sarah Baker is SO GOOD in this. But my brother-in-law! Look at him run! Go, Eddie, go!

Robin Williams

This appearance is particularly poignant given the passing Robin Williams, but it’s also touching to see Louie and Robin bonding in some genuine laughter.

Dane Cook

Louie and Dane Cook get a chance to air their grievances, taking on the real-life accusations that Cook stole material from Louis CK in 2006.

Make sure you watch the Louie Season Premiere this Thursday, April 9th on FX! And check out the beautifully shot Season 5 trailers that are a love letter to Louie AND New York City (an ode in black and white dreaminess):  


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