6 of Leonard Nimoy’s Best Moments as Spock

The legendary Leonard Nimoy has passed away at 83. His favorite and most iconic role was Star Trek’s sassy and celestial Spock (he even signed off on all his tweets with ‘Live Long and Prosper’). Although Spock, as a Vulcan, is supposed to be devoid of emotion, Nimoy endowed the character with an unforgettable and hilarious poise.

Here’s 6 of our favorite moments of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock:

6. These comebacks in the fourth Star Trek movie:

Spock = Sass.

5. Walking in on Kirk Kissing:

Nobody throws shade like Leonard Nimoy.

4. When Kirk and Spock Went Back in Time:

Gangster Trek.

3. Any Time He Called Something Fascinating:

2. When he revealed Spock’s a crazy-cat person like the rest of us:

1. This dance: