6 Times Paul Rudd Danced His Way Into Our Hearts

It’s Paul Rudd’s birthday! There’s no better way to celebrate such an occasion than by watching him bust all the moves. What is paradise? It’s Paul Rudd swaying his hips, FOREVER.

1. Tim and Eric’s “Celery Man” may be some of Paul’s best work as a human and as a dancer:


2. The best scene in “I Could Never Be Your Woman” occurs when Adam (Paul Rudd) tries to impress Rosie (Michelle Pfeiffer) with his sick moves. Even better, it’s to the sounds of Will Smith’s Switch:


3. The Daily Show: He does everything BUT promote his film in this interview. That’s perfectly fine with us. Skip ahead to 1:52 for the good stuff:

The Daily Show
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4. Anchorman’s sexiest scene: The ‘stache, the lack of pants: pure sex.


5. A lip sync battle for the ages: At 5:00 minute mark, Paul Rudd gives Freddy Mercury a run for his money.


6. Wet Hot American Summer: Ok FINE it’s not technically dancing, but Paul Rudd manages to make picking food up off the floor an art form.