As the nominations for the 88th Annual Academy Awards were announced this morning, movie fans everywhere waited with baited breath to see if their favorite film would be honored on Hollywood’s biggest night. And while the final list of nominees reflects the handful of snubs inherent to every awards season, there was no omission more glaring than that of Universal Studios’ 2015 film Minions, the 11th highest-grossing film of all time.

We may never know what those boneheads at the Academy were thinking when they overlooked this cartoon classic in literally every category, but as we mourn, let’s take a look at all the Oscars that Minions was not just eligible for, but seemed a shoe-in to win. For shame, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

1. Dave the Minion (Best Actor)

2. Cro Minion (Best Animated Short Film)

3. HBO First Look: Minions (Best Documentary Feature)

4. Minions (Best Original Screenplay)

5. Whoever Makes The Minions’ Overalls (Best Costume Design)

6. If Zayn Malik Was A Minion (Best Supporting Actor)

7. Stuart the Minion (Best Actor)

8. A Banana (Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award)

9. “BANANA!” (Best Sound)

10. A Bunch Of Minions Wearing One Human Dress To Fool Gru (Best Supporting Actress)

11. If Lady Gaga Was A Minion (Best Actress)


Bold performances. Unforgettable moments. An unforgivable snub.


12. Minions (Best Original Score)

13. “Happy (Theme From Despicable Me 2)” by Pharrell (Best Original Song)

14. The Parts Of Minions Where They’re Only Speaking Minionese (Best Foreign Language Film)

15. Kevin the Minion (Best Actor)

16. A Minion Standing On A Stack Of Books To Hand Crank A Camera (Best Cinematography)

17. If Captain Jack Sparrow Was A Minion (Best Makeup and Hairstyling)

18. Two Minions Using The Same Typewriter (Best Adapted Screenplay)

19. The Real Minions They Looked At For Reference To Animate Minions (Best Live Action Short Film)

20. Jerry the Minion (Best Actor)

21. Minions (Best Use Of Minions In A Motion Picture)

22. If Macklemore Was A Minion (Best Boy)


Can you image seeing these guys on the red carpet? Uh-oh!


23. A Minion With A Big Pair Of Scissors (Best Film Editing)

24. Minion Jingle Bells (Best Documentary Short Subject)

25. Minions: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Best Rap Album)

26. Jemaine Clement (Best Guy Who Voiced Some Minions In Despicable Me But Not In Minions)

27. Evolution, Which According To Minions Created The Minions (Best Production Design)

28. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Florida (Best Ride)

29. Several Minions Standing On Top Of Each Other Shouting Into A Bullhorn (Best Director)

30. That One Freaky Purple Minion With The Hair (Best Supporting Actor)

31. The Guys That Made Minions (Special Achievement In The Field Of Visual Effects)

32. Jorge the Minion (Best Actor)

33. Minions (Best Movie In The Despicable Me Franchise)


How the Minions would have reacted to their nominations.


34. My Kids (Best Behaved While Watching Minions)

35. If Justin Bieber Was A Minion (Best Supporting Actor)

36. Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Best Freemium Mobile Game)

37. A Minion Making A Fart Noise With His Mouth (Best Sound Editing)

38. Tim the Minion (Best Actor)

39. Watching Minions (Best Time)

40. Butternut Squash (Best Vegetable To Paint Like A Minion)

41. A Picture Of A Minion Next To The Text “It’s Nice To Have Someone In Your Life Who Can Make You Smile Even When They’re Not Around” (Best Facebook Status)

42. If Miley Cyrus Was A Minion (Best Actress)

43. Minions on HD Blu-Ray/DVD Combo (Best Buy)

44. Bob the Minion (Best Actor)


Mark my words, Pharrell’s “Happy” will be 2016’s song of the summer.


45. Those Yellow Tic-Tacs They Made Look Like Minions (Best Food)

46. Pierre Coffin, Director of Minions (Best Director)

47. Scarlet Overkill, The REAL Director of Minions In The Movie Minions (Best Director)

48. A Hat That Looks Like A Minion (Best Hat)

49. Diglett (Best Pokémon That Reminds Me Of A Minion)

50. If Ariana Grande Was A Minion (Best Supporting Actress)

51. Inside Out (Best Picture That Wishes It Was Minions)

52. The Minions One (Best Happy Meal)

53. Mark the Minion (Best Actor)

54. A One-Eyed Dog Dyed Yellow To Look Like A Minion (Best In Show)

55. Minions (Best Movie That Great For The Kids But There’s Definitely Jokes For Grown Ups, Too)


How about swapping out those two little guys with Academy voters, am I right?


56. Lego Minions? (Best Idea)

57. Phil the Minion (Best Actor)

58. A Minion Dressed Like Carmen Miranda (Best Dancing)

59. Relaxing And Watch Minions On The Tour Bus With The Rest Of Foo Fighters (Best Of You)

60. An Actual Female Minion (Best Joke Because There Aren’t Any)

61. Yellow (Best Color)

62. The Minion That Photocopies His Butt In Minions (Best Butt)

63. If Harry Potter Was A Minion (Best Dream I Hope Comes True)

64. The Beatles’ “Revolution” As Sung By The Minions (Best Song That’s Actually In The Movie Minions)

65. Minions (Best Bet)

66. Gru (Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award)

I guess there's always next year, but it still burns.

I guess there’s always next year, but it still burns.


67. Me and All The Minions (Best Friends)

68. Jon the Minion (Best Actor)

69. Minions (Best Picture)

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