The rise of Donald Trump, Brexit, perpetual war in the Middle East, @midnight now being on at 11:30pm — sometimes it can seem like the world as we know it is falling apart. Then, this weekend the truly unbelievable happened. Justin Bieber seemed to turn against his “Beliebers”, the very fan base that has made him an international superstar. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to this very important and cataclysmic event.

1. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

la gov bib tweet


2. Mike Tyson

tyson bibber tweet



3. The Dalai Lama

dalai lama bib tweet



4. Michael Phelps

phelps bib twit



5. Neil de Grasse Tyson

NDT bib tweet



6. Angela Merkel

merkel bib tweet



7. Tupac

tupac bib tweet 2



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