In addition to the rapidly approaching premiere of W/Bob and David on Netflix, this month also marks the 20th anniversary of the duo’s original HBO sketch series Mr. Show. Whether you’re new to the series or just refreshing your memory before the latest iteration, enjoy a selection of some of the best sketches Bob, David and friends made during their 3 year run.


1970s director Famous Mortimer set out to document the trials and tribulations of being a streaker at a time when the practice was surging in popularity, but ended up documenting one of the greatest, most tragic rivalries of all time.

Monster Parties

For too long, monster parties had been a mystery no scientist or scholar could crack. Did they exist? Were they fun, or terrifying? The Probings crew set out to find the definitive answer with help from such experts as Professor Chance MacPherson and Dr. Retarded.

Coupon: The Movie

Many might not be aware, but after directing Streakers, Famous Mortimer went on to direct the film that a federal judge declared “all of America must see”. You’ll never look at sock buying the same way again.

Young People & Companions

So much media attention is paid to young people suffering accident, injury, and even death, but who speaks for their companions? Newstime News 6, that’s who.

East Coast vs. West Coast Ventriloquists

Many are familiar with the often-deadly East Coast vs. West Coast rap rivalry of the late 1990s, but what you might not know is that it also bled into another beloved American art form: Ventriloquism. So many lives lost, and for what?

Theo Brixton, Taint Model

It’s hard to imagine a time when our pornography didn’t revolve around the taint (known in the scientific community as the perineum or gooch), but, believe it or not, such was the world before the iconic Garry Flank came along and turned the world on its head.

Pre-Taped Call-In Show

Everyone thought Ken Doral’s Pre-Taped Call-In Show would revolutionize television, but it ended up being one of the biggest flops in history. To this day, no one is really sure why.

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