The Supreme Court will soon decide whether or not the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles violated first amendment rights when they rejected a specialty license plate featuring the confederate flag. But this isn’t the first license plate design the Texas DMV has rejected. Check out some other rejected designs below.

texas license plates

DMV statement: Can’t put Budweiser logo on license plates, contains genitalia, promotes violence, too busy.

texas license plates

DMV statement: Not historically accurate.

texas license plates

DMV statement: Nope. Not factually accurate.

texas license platesDMV statement: No! I mean come on guys, how could that be possible? Put a little thought into it!

texas license platesDMV statement: No. Even if it became true I would still say no. We can’t celebrate the death and destruction of— you know what, this is a hypothetical and I’m not getting sucked in.

texas plates 5DMV Statement: Show me in The Bible where it says this.

texas confederate license plateDMV statement: I mean, it’s accurate, but it’s just so incredibly unpleasant. And it shouldn’t be a point of pride. I’m going to say no, but you’ve got grounds to appeal my decision. I hate my job.

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