You love exchanging money over Venmo, but it’s also a place for people to show off their creativity. Venmo has become a platform for artists, designers, and comedians alike. We’ve curated a list of the 7 best accounts you NEED to be following right now… if you don’t already.

Sam Chang
If you’re sick of your unfunny friends gunking up your Venmo feed with charges about their brunch and utilities bills, Sam’s feed will be a breath of hilariously fresh air. Sometimes he uses movie quotes and sometimes the way he describes his transactions are just plain random, but they’re always totally funny.
venmo Sam Chang2


Chris Santini
Chris’ feed is not for the politically correct. Known as “the Richard Pryor of Venmo,” we could not agree more. He is NOT afraid to tell it like it is. Totally edgy and NSFW.
venmo Chris Santini2


Arielle G
Arielle is a stand-up comedian from NYC who uses Venmo as a comedy platform. She makes it seem like she’s paying her friends for things like drugs, but really she’s not. If you aren’t following her already, take a serious scroll through her feed and get ready to LOL.
venmo Arielle G2


Katherine Laier
Her emoji work is absolutely nuts, sometimes using no text whatsoever to convey what things she’s reimbursing her friends for.
venmo Katherine Laier2



Bem Caestrøm
For the aesthetics snobs out there, Bem is a Danish graphic designer with a beautifully minimalist sensibility. You know exactly what he’s been doing and with whom. The brevity that he applies to his charges will make you want to rethink your own Venmo feed.
venmo Bem Caestrøm2


Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese is on Venmo. Not sure if he knows how to use it.
venmo Martin Scorsese2


Alex Gutierrez
Okay, okay: you already know him but we had to put Alex Gutierrez on the list. Alex got his start on Venmo and then skyrocketed to internet fame. It’s hard to explain how good at Venmo he really is. Just… follow him. Now.
venmo Alex Gutierrez2

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