Tired of using the same old moves on yourself? Want to get back the spark you had when you first started masturbating? Get out of that computer chair and surprise yourself with these hot tips for having sex with yourself.

1. The viBrate
Set your phone to vibrate and stick it down your pants. Send a blank e-mail out to all your contacts with just the subject heading “Call me. Emergency.”
phone on vibrate


2. The El Caliente
Spill hot sauce on your crotch and see what happens!
hot sauce pants


3. The Prince of Persia
Glue a bunch of dildos to the floor and jump from chair to chair. Try not to fall… (-;
prince of persia


4. Dong-eons and Dragons
Roll a 10-sided die. Whatever it lands on, stick that many fingers up your butt.
10-sided die



5. The Hello Keller
Close your eyes and walk until your dick touches something. Keep rubbin’.
close eyes hands up


6. Taking Dick-tation
Scream a bunch of sexy voice messages into your iPhone, load ’em up, then put it on shuffle.
voice recordings


7. The Buckshot F**kshot
Put on a blindfold and throw a bunch of vibrators in the air
throw dildos in air


8. The Whoa-gi Bear
Drizzle honey on your genitals and leave your door open to nature.
door to nature


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