This past summer, we went on an awesome adventure with our friend & comedian, Brooks Wheelan. The quest? Visit a couple of Europe’s most popular cities (Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen) and ask the locals about comedy… What they find funny, what comedy movies (if any!) they like, and what they think of American comedy. The ultimate goal? To get a sense of what other cultures’ sense of humor are, and how it differs from America’s. We–along with series co-creators Ashley Bearden & Amanda McCall–documented the whole experience and called it “Laughs In Translation With Brooks Wheelan,” and you can watch it in full right HERE. But to get you started, here are 8 of our takeaways:


Germans aren’t really sure if they have a sense of humor. In fact, some simply think they don’t or aren’t funny:



In Germany, there is a German Institute For Humor, because Germans believe they can (if not feel it’s necessary to) teach Germans how to be funny.



…and as part of the education at the German Institute For Humor, you are taught how to laugh and smile:



The French like comedy, but they watch a lot of American television comedies, like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. When it comes to original French-made comedy films, some people can’t name any:



But that doesn’t mean the French don’t still have a sense of humor. In fact, their sense of humor can even be more shocking than America’s. Case-in-point: French network Studio Bagel makes Brooks a part of their “comedy sketch” about aliens raping him:



Denmark might have the most seemingly inappropriate sense of humor of all. Royalty that lived in the Rosenburg Castle had a prank chair that would trap you, spray water on you so you looked like you pissed yourself, then make a farting noise when you stood up:



And at their BonBonLand theme park, there is a rollercoaster called the Hundeprutterutchebane, which translates to…



And Denmark also thinks this is hilarious:



Want to see the full episodes of “Laughs In Translation with Brooks Wheelan“? Watch them now right here!

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