8 Times Will Forte Stole The Show

The Last Man On Earth premiered last night and once again, Will Forte proved he doesn’t need anyone but himself to carry a scene…or sketch. Our writers picked their all time favorite Forte sketches from SNL and beyond.

‘Potato Chip': A 10 to 1am classic. The sketch that airs just before Goodnights on SNL was Forte’s Forte. Do you see what I did there? Also, blink and you’ll miss it: this sketch is supposed to take place at NASA.

‘Closet Organizer':Watch your back, Marie Kondo: Will Forte also practices the Art of Decluttering in this SNL commercial parody. The phrase “loose Peanut Butter” will forever be stuck in our heads on repeat. Bonus Hamm testimonial FTW.

MacGruber:  MacGruber is a fine feature film, and an amazing recurring sketch on SNL. Watch to hear Betty White say “Poocasso.” For whatever reason, this sketch is out of order on Yahoo Screen. Part 2 and 3 should be switched. Still good, though.

The Falconer: The Falconer lives out every marketing exec’s career fantasy of leaving their high powered job for the forest and having a beaver and a Falcon compete is a potato sack race.

Women’s History Song: In honor of Women’s History Month.

Father Swimcoach Scoutmaster
: a perfect Weekend Update guest and “every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Lazy Horse Mattress Ad: Forte and Tim and Eric are a match made in weirdo heaven.

Sock Or Hat: Forte makes the best appearance on our favorite game show from our friends at College Humor.