15 years ago, the world was given a fresh look at the prettay, prettay unique perspective of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David when HBO gave him his own show in which to document his neuroses, social conflicts, and tumultuous relationships. In the absence of George Costanza, his stand-in on Seinfeld, and network censorship, the true, dark hilarity lurking within his mind was allowed to flourish on the screen. To celebrate the force of nature that is LD, here are 9 Larry David-isms to live by.

1) Changing society, one conversation at a time:

Larry 1

2) Pretty much:

Larry 2

3) It’s just so much easier than making an effort:

Larry 3

4) You’ll only get away with it for so long:

Larry 4

5) Love yourself <3:

Larry 5

6) The actual name for a latte:

Larry 6

7) We’ve all been there:

Larry 7

8) Open for business:

Larry 8

9) Think outside the box:

Larry 9

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