Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual Monday reading.

Monkey Jacking Off
How I spent Valentine’s day.
– Anita Flores


Robot Repair
Because I could only pick one for the SNL thread
Matt Moskovciak


If you’re making a Valentine’s dinner this weekend, here are some tips from Sandre Lee (New York’s First Lady btw).
Jarret Matlock


Dudes Try Sexy Workout
From our friends at POPSUGAR
– Doug Bandes

Cross Off
You may recognize him as an actor on Better Call Saul, but did you know Captain Hippo‘s Steve Levine plays DRUMS in a BAND? He is a man of many talents. Check him out in the new Grooms video.
– Celeste Ballard


The Pledge
My name is Josh, and I’m taking the pledge.
 Josh Poole


Guitar Hero
Is he single? Asking for a friend…
– Rachel Perlman

The Coneheads: Family Feud
I’m using early season SNL sketches like this to help get me in the right mindset for the SNL40 extravaganza. (NOTE: Bill Murray with slick black hair)
– Audrey Green




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