Throughout the years, Hillary Clinton has appeared on ‘SNL’ through many cast members, and sometimes even as herself. Here’s who’s sported her iconic blonde wig throughout the years:

Jan Hooks – Crazies Visit The White House (1993) 

One thing that hasn’t changed – Hillary’s love of a bold power suit.

Janeane Garofalo -The Clintons’ Gifts to the Middle Class (1994)

All I want for Christmas is a government voucher.

Ana Gasteyer – Bill Clinton Gloating (1999)

Bill just can’t resist getting in front of the camera.

Amy Poehler – Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address the Nation (2013)

Hillary was told she’d be addressing the nation alone but we’re kind of glad Sarah Palin showed up.

Miley Cyrus – Hillary Clinton Biopics (2013)

To be honest, we’d probably watch all of these.

Vanessa Bayer – Mother’s Day message from Hillary and Michelle (2014)

Vanessa Bayer impersonates Hillary, before Hillary decided to run for ‘mother of the year.’

Kate McKinnon and Amy Poehler – A Hillary Christmas (2015)

2015 Hillary gets a visit from 2008 Hillary which means twice as much “strong yet feminine laughter.”

Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton – Hillary Clinton Bar Talk (2015)

Be right back – searching New York to find out where Val works.

Kate McKinnon – The First Debate (2016)

“What do you think about that?” — “I think I’m going to be president.”

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