This past week, Above Average has covered the minions in a way that would make you say, “Why are these adults so invested in The Minions?” So, we decided we’d make your job easier going through ALL THE MINIONS coverage and round ’em up in this ULTIMATE MINIONS POST. MINIONS.

The Anatomy of Minions

Let’s start off with the inside of the Minions. We dissected one and boy was it bloody. You’ll need to click through to get the full experience.



The Minions Would Have Supported Hitler.

According to their mission statement, the Minions serve history’s most evil leaders. Which means…

minions hitler


The Minions’ Missed Opportunities

The minions could have turned these classic American movies into classic American FILMS.

minion movie


And Finally, the Legacy of the Minions.

These yellow pills will be forever immortalized in our hearts. But since we can’t get tattoos IN our bodies, we’ll have to settle for tattooing them ON our bodies.

minion movie

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