As a true sci-fi (science fiction) fan, it’s hard not to roll my eyes at the announcement that CBS is developing a new television show based on the movie Star Trek. I mean, first Limitless, now Star Trek? Is Hollywood so out of ideas that they have to turn every movie into a TV show? Leave the 2009 action classic and its sequel alone!

Don’t tell me I’m not a real Star Trek fan, either- I protest because I care deeply about these characters. J.J. Abrams invented Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise gang so their adventures could be seen on the big screen. Some ideas (spaceships, alien races) are just too big for your living room! You know that the special effects won’t be very good, and J.J. probably won’t even direct any episodes because he’s busy making ACTUAL MOVIES, like what Star Trek should be.

Theory: maybe the reason J.J. is remaking the Star Wars trilogy is because he knew they were going to wreck his original idea (Trek) by turning it into a show. Hollywood is full of so many freaking idiots!

Playboy Quinto (the only Spock) posing with some of his many girlfriends.

Playboy Quinto (the only Spock) posing with some of his many girlfriends.

Worst of all, you just know that they’re going to recast these iconic roles. I hope everyone is okay with the idea of some new actor taking the reins of Mister Spock, because Zachary Quinto wouldn’t be caught dead slumming it on network television. Personally, the idea of anyone but John Cho playing Mr. Sulu makes me sick.

I’m sure the masses (a.k.a. SHEEPLE) will join the dark side and eat the Star Trek TV show right up, but not me. If you’re looking for me on premiere night, you’ll find me hanging out with the REAL Trekfans, watching the best sci-fi movie ever made: Star Trek Into Darkness. Excelsior!

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