With Halloween on its way, many women are once again forgoing scary costumes for the ubiquitous “Sexy Nurse” getup. While it’s a perennial favorite, professional sexy nurses are tired of seeing their profession being used as a novelty.

“These costumes trivialize what we do,” said one sexy nurse, as she provocatively leaned over a feverish teenage boy to dab the sweat from his forehead.

“My job isn’t some joke. I went to four years of sexy nursing school,” she continued, exasperated. “I spend all day running around in my patent red stilettos, helping to save lives.”

Things become especially confusing on Halloween night, when the emergency room fills up with costumed patients.

“It’s absolute chaos,” the sexy nurse sighed, sponge bathing a delighted elderly man. “This drunk girl in some cheap, trashy nurse outfit stumbles into the E.R. with a broken arm, and as I’m assessing her injury, a doctor comes up and asks her for assistance with another patient. He thought she worked at the hospital!”

But the sexy nurses aren’t going to take this lying down. “This Halloween, we’re all going to dress up as drunk sorority bitches. See how they like it!”

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