Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual reading.

This video represents everything I believe in.
-Melanie Greene


Butt Books
Self-publishing truly has broadened all of our horizons.
-Derrick Sanskrit

Kung Fu
This video brings me back to my pre-YT days at IFILM… it was one of the most popular videos on the site then and it holds up today. The guy with the Afro is my favorite… “Are you ok?… Stay down.”
-Doug Bandes

Bad Hair Day?
I am 90% I’ve used this as a staff pick before. It’s my favorite video I’ve ever watched.
-Glenn Boozan

Bears With Boobs
Isn’t technology incredible?
-Carl Baker

You’ll Get ‘Em Next Time, Champ
This about sums up how I feel every day of my goddamn life.
-Peter Kelly

Mmmmmmm, cactus?
This adult man actually eats a cactus :(
-Matt Moskovciak

Baby Paul McCartney
Adorable Hey Jude.
-Andrew Ford

Hot A$$ Peppers
Matt’s video reminded me of the hilarity of this.
-Gary Hoffman

A pretty fun thing to do before getting married I think!
-Patty Izquierdo


Oh man, sorry guys. This one’ll tear you up.
-Josh Poole


This shit will wreck you too.

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