AFI’s Top 100 Greatest American Pie Films is a list of the 100 most inspiring, touching, and hilarious films in the beloved sex comedy series American Pie. A jury of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected these American Pie films as the ones that most enriched America’s film and cultural heritage.

  1. American Pie: Band Camp
  2. American Pie: Beta House
  3. American Pie: The Book Of Love
  4. American Pie: Battle Into Hell
  5. African-American Pie
  6. The Sherminator
  7. Sherminator 2: Judgement Lay
  8. American Pie: Kevin’s Funeral
  9. A Very Stifmeister Christmas
  10. American Pie 2999: Virgin Galactic
  11. American Pie: USS Romance
  12. Tasmanian Pie
  13. American Pie: Revirgins
  14. American Pie: Band Camp 2: The Big Game Part IV
  15. American Pie: Reanimated (Zombies)
  16. American Pie Babies
  17. American Pie: Reanimated (Animated remake)
  18. American Pie 1.5: The Summer When Vicki Got Hot
  19. American Pie: The Musical
  20. Finch Goes Hawaiian
  21. American Pie: Stifler’s Brother’s Friend Gets A Pool
  22. American Pie: Ode To A Grecian Poon
  23. Америцан Пие
  24. American Pie: The College Years
  25. American Pie: The New Class
  26. American Pie: The New Class’ College Years
  27. American Pie: The New, New Class
  28. American Pie: An Even Newer Class
  29. American Pie: The Even Newer Class Goes To College
  30. The Cerulean Armoire: A Finch Mystery
  31. American Pie: The Naked Mile 2: The Clothed Mile
  32. A Very Stifmeister Chanukah
  33. American Pie: Hong Kong Flimflam
  34. Pie 2012: Campaign Party
  35. American Pie: Zoo Buddies
  36. My Big Fat Greek American Pie
  37. American Sausage
  38. American Pie: Pleasures Of The VR-Zone
  39. Safari Pie
  40. American Pie: Airplane Of Sex
  41. American Pie: Muffler Repair
  42. American Pie: Sing-Along Sex-Tacular (One-Night Only Fathom Event)
  43. American Pie: Portal To The Spirit Plane
  44. One Night At Nadia’s
  45. American Pie: RadioShack Of Love
  46. American Pie: Erectile DysFUNKsion
  47. مراهقون متدين المتواجدون شون المشاعر الجنسية (Translation: Devout Teens Who Shun Sexual Feelings)
  48. American Pie: USS Romance 2–Shore Leave
  49. American Pie: Divinity School
  50. American Pie: MENopause
  51. Vegas 2 Da Max: A Jim’s Dad Adventure
  52. American Pie: Obama’s America
  53. Divinity School 2–Seminary Shenanigans
  54. American Pie: In This One We Show Real Fucking
  55. Three Cheers For Captain Oz
  56. American Wedding
  57. American Reunion
  58. American Trust-Destroying Swingers’ Party
  59. American Trial Separation
  60. American Custody Hearing
  61. American Divorce
  62. American Company Restructuring
  63. American Ever-Increasing Period Of Unemployment
  64. American Home Foreclosure
  65. American Unpayable Medical Bills
  66. American Never-Ending Loneliness Forever
  67. Journey To The Center Of The American Pie
  68. American Pie: Night At The Sex Museum
  69. DEATH; or A Tragic Slice Of American Pie In Three Acts
  70. American Pie: Codename B.U.T.T.
  71. American Pie 5/Men In Black 4: Alien Style
  72. Orange Is The New Black Seasons 1-3 (Most critics believe that Natasha Lyonne’s character on OITNB, “Nicky,” is actually the same one she plays in American Pie. Jason Biggs, however, plays a different character.)
  73. American Pie: Chaos At Rollercoaster Mountain
  74. American Pie: Temple Of The Hidden Dildo
  75. Back To School (Remake of the Rodney Dangerfield classic starring Stifler’s Mom)
  76. He Really Did Eat The Whole Thing, An Alternate Reality American Pie Tale
  77. American Pie: Avalanche Of Intercourse
  78. American Pie: Pleasures Of The VR-Zone 2–Clockmaster’s Revenge
  79. Jim’s Dad de 5 à 7
  80. American Pie: Bible Thumping
  81. 2 American 2 Pie
  82. American Pie: Phlebotomy School
  83. American Flubber
  84. American Jim: The Pie’s Perspective
  85. American Pie: Glory Hole 3–Glory Daze
  86. Inside The Pie–Behind The Scenes Of America’s Most Cherished Film Series
  87. Just Pie: No Boiz Allowed
  88. Pie Through Time: Party In The Third Reich
  89. American Pi
  90. American Pie: On Hold With Verizon
  91. American Pie: Orgy Of One
  92. American Pie: Beer Bong Of Nudity
  93. A Very Stifmeister Ramadan
  94. American Pie (All Daschund-Cast Remake)
  95. American Never-Ending Loneliness Forever 2: Party At Boobie Beach
  96. American Pie: Secret of the Ooze
  97. Like Warm Apple Pie–The 4D Experience
  98. The Last Slice Of Pie
  99. Another Last Slice Of Pie
  100. American Pie 2 
Sam Weiner is a staff writer for BuzzFeed, a contributor to NPR’s Marketplace, and the co-author of the book, How to Win at Everything.
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