All Of The Things Justin Bieber Looks Like With His New Dumb Hair

Justin Bieber performed for hundreds of screaming fans this morning on the The Today Show. While there, he debuted his … fancy … new haircut to the world.

We couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to a wide variety of people, objects, and animals.

Swedish pop sensation Robyn
Justin Bieber new haricut
Look’s like the Biebs should have CALLED HIS GIRLFRIEND and asked for advice before getting this haircut, right????

A Troll Doll
Justin Bieber new haricut
Wait a minute, is that America’s most prominent bad boy or one of the most popular smiling dwarf toys of the early 1960s??

Kate Gosselin
Justin Bieber new haricut
“Justin Bieber Plus Eight Different Publicists Who Said Yes To This Horrible Haircut” – coming to TLC this fall!

A Dinosaur
Justin Bieber new haricut
The only thing more extinct than the dinosaurs are Justin Bieber’s fashion sense ZING!!!!!!

My Little Pony
Justin Bieber new haricut
This fictional horse has better hair than Mr. Bieber. Seriously who told him he could do this???WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?????

Sea Anemone
Justin Bieber new haricut
Even Nemo and his dad wouldn’t want live in that wet pile of sea garbage J.B. has growing on his head.

Goku going Super Saiyan
Justin Bieber new haricut

Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal
Justin Bieber new haricut
Yup, now he looks like a clown with his head on fire.

Moss on a rock
Justin Bieber new haricut
Are we certain that his new haircut is not a system of single celled organisms that has the ability to grow over time?

Hair clogged in a drain
Justin Bieber new haricut
Sure, this is a bit of a stretch but fuck you, Bieber.