Pi Day (or what not-nerds call March 14th) is the day when our Gregorian calendar reflects the first three letters of pi. This year’s Pi Day is even better because the entire date (3.14.15) makes up the first 5 numbers of pi.Since it’s impossible to overdo puns with your nerdy friends, here’s a head start on pi wordplay to give you the confidence to talk to people at whatever Pi Day party you’re going to:

Costumes to wear:
Harriet the S-pi
Pi-pi Longstockings
Elvis Pi-resley
Wear jewelry made of Pi-rite
Pi-ley Cyrus
A pi-tbull
Dress up like a pi-le of leaves
The S-pi-ce girls
Pi-mon Cowell

For the snack table:
Apple Pi (your grandmother’s reci-pi-e)
Pi-neapple slices
Shrimp Scam-pi
S-pi-ces: Pi-prika, Alls-pi-ce, Chilli Pi-ppers
Pi-tato skins
Pi Food (Thai Food)

Drinks to serve:
Pi-ña coladas
Pi-nt of beer
Long Island Pi-ced Tea
Ap-pi-le Martini
A 3.1415926535897 and 7
Pi-rish Car Bomb

Conversation Starters:
“What’s your sign? I’m a Pi-sces.”
“I hope Vice President Joe Pi-den runs in 2016.”
“I’ve seen every e-pi-sode of Law and Order, S-pi-cial Victims Unit.”
“How to know when the pi-lot light in your oven has gone out?”
“Anyone from Boise, Pi-daho?”
“I’ve always wanted to visit the Philip-pi-nes.”
“Pi-vy league colleges are so expensive.”
“One time my friend was on an episode of the Pi-rice is Right”

Watch these movies: Life of Pi, Hap-Pi Gilmore, The Pursuit of Hap-pi-ness, Pretty in Pi-nk, Darren Aronofsky’s first film, Pi-ler Perry’s Madea
Screen these TV Shows: Pi Little Pony, Party of Pi-ve, Pi Carly, Saturday Night Pi-ve, Pi-nky and the Brain, How Pi Met Your Mother, Criminal Pi-nds, The Good Pi-fe, CSPi: Pi-ami,
If you’re into exercise, try some pi-lates
Opening pi-resents
Set up a VIPi room (very important pi-ple)
Have everyone name all 50 U-pi-ted States of America.

Music to listen to:
Frankie Valli and the Three Point One Four Seasons
Fiona Apple Pi
Billy Pi-dol
Maroon Pi-ve
Pi-les Davis
Pi-chael Jackson
Stone Temple Pi-lates
Led Zep-pi-lin
Barbara Pi-sand
George Pi-chael
Pi-onel Ritchie
That song “Cherry Pi” by Warrant

You’re welcome.

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