The latest test results for Kory Lenhardt, 11, weren’t good. Under other circumstances, he and his family might have lost hope, but luckily the Make-A-Wish Foundation swooped in to lift their spirits.

How did they do it? Simple: they fulfilled Kory’s lifelong dream of getting into a Twitter spat with Marc Maron.

Admittedly, the 52-year-old comedian was less than enthused about the idea at first. He publicly vented his concerns about the idea on Twitter:

However, Kory and his team weren’t content to let Marc off the hook so easily. Hours later they fired back with a real zinger.

And, as luck would have it, that was just the spark that Maron needed to get on board!

All in all, the feud spanned 833 tweets over two days. Highlights include well over 1,000 f-bombs, 36 insults about cats, and 4 instances of Maron telling Kory that he “is the real disease, not the cancer.” At least Maron exited on a high note, like a true gentleman.

Thanks, Marc! You did a wonderful thing. Sorry about your career.

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