An entire Norman, Oklahoma social circle finally admitted game nights aren’t fun. “I just couldn’t take it anymore,” said Fran, 29. “Why do we have to play these games? Can’t we just drink and talk like adults?”

“Yeah, like we’d be having fun and then it would get interrupted by the game,” added Jamal, 27. “When we started doing game nights, I thought it was going to be fun, so I think I thought I was having fun when we did it, but actually it wasn’t. I just kept telling myself we were having fun, but we weren’t.”

Gloria, 32, who most often hosted the game nights, isn’t sure what she’s going to do with all these games: now “I guess I’ll just throw this Apples To Apples set in the trash? Literally, who would want it? I guess I could put it in my apartment’s common area and maybe some unfun control freak will pick it up?”

“The worst was Cards Against Humanity,” Kelly, 30, admitted. “Pretending to be scandalized by everyone’s answers was exhausting. No one’s answers were ever funny. Ever. My friends are smart and funny, but the games made us lame.”

Fran, Jamal, Gloria, and Kelly are all excited about actually having fun in the future. “Maybe we’ll catch a movie, have some beers, or watch football?” Fran pondered aloud. “Anything is possible now.”

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