Yesterday, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos unveiled plans for a massive new rocket that will launch people and satellites into space. The rocket will begin initial flights in 2018 and will be available for consumer purchase by the end of the decade. In keeping Amazon’s standard shipping procedures, the two-stage version of the rocket, which is 272 feet tall and 23 feet wide, will be delivered in a 1 mile x 1 mile cardboard box.

“It’s the biggest cardboard box ever created by man, but it’s essential to the Amazon brand to make sure the rocket has plenty of room to jingle jangle around inside the box,” said Bezos. “Of course, we’ll throw in some loose brown paper to protect the 80 million dollar machine.” To deliver the oversized package, Amazon is developing specially fitted 18-wheelers, which can toss the rockets onto doorstep of customers and thus allow the rocket to really bounce and slide around inside, roughing up the edges, breaking off antennas, and giving it that “Amazon touch.”

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