With all the vitriol surrounding this election season, Americans are eager to find some ray of hope in all the negativity. Which is why it’s no wonder that those watching the latest presidential debate were smitten by audience member Ken Bone, an undecided voter who brightened up the proceedings with his cheerful red sweater and endearingly goofy appearance. Sensing an opportunity, NBC has decided to add Ken Bone to their Today Show lineup to replace the disgraced Billy Bush.

Bush, who had been cohosting the morning show since August, was suspended after being implicated in a disturbing and lewd conversation with Donald Trump caught on tape in 2005.

A representative from the Today Show said, “While we were all disgusted by Billy’s words, everyone is pretty excited for Ken Bone to come in. We’re totally obsessed with him here.”

Despite the fact that Ken Bone has no experience and people know virtually nothing about him, his popularity has already far surpassed that of Billy Bush.

“Billy had years of television experience, “ an avid Today Show viewer commented, “but I always wanted to reach through the TV and punch his dumb face. Ken Bone is like an adorable cartoon character. Now I want to reach through the TV to give him a hug.”

Bone seems unfazed by the sudden adoration and new job. “Sounds fun,” he shrugged. “But I still have no idea who to vote for.”

However, there’s one thing Bone seems particularly excited about. “They gave me an entire closet full of red sweaters!” he gushed. “I’m actually contractually obligated to wear them.”

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