Ok, not actually. Haha, come on. I love Maisie and I’m not a psychopath. But OH BOY, what I wouldn’t do to get my greasy, nerdy, needy little paws on the scripts Maisie was tweeting about last night. What I wouldn’t do…

But I’m not gonna really go Ramsay on someone! Ramsay is a villain. He’s bad! He’s a bad guy with whom I cannot relate at all. But like…ok, so say there’s something you want more than anything in the world. For Ramsay it’s power. For me, it’s knowing whether Tyrion Lannister is the illegitimate son of Aerys Targaryen thus making him, Jon Snow and Danaerys the three dragons of legend.

Now, I’m not saying I would torture someone like Ramsay does to get the information I want. But I am saying that I understand the urge to pursue all possible avenues to achieve one’s goal. My goal is to read every season 7 script. Maisie Williams has those scripts. So why should I not try my level best to GET WHAT I WANT!?! I WANT TO KNOW IF I AM RIGHT AND JAIME KILLS CERSEI AND I WILL MAKE RAMSEY BOLTON LOOK LIKE A RECENTLY NEUTERED PUPPY WITH THE THINGS I WILL DO TO FIND OUT!

I meeeean I’m kidding! I wouldn’t go totally nuts and do literally anything to get those scripts. I’m joking. Everything…everything is a joke. Now let me go feed my dogs. They are…hungry.

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