Yesterday, Jennifer Aniston took to Huffington Post to write a strongly worded op-ed about celebrity news. The sun-kissed beauty vented about the way tabloids objectify women’s bodies and inappropriately speculate about their pregnancy, among a few other grievances. Talk about getting “huffy”!

But could this little outburst mean she’s actually just suffering mood swings from pregnancy? All signs point to yes, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Aniston, 47, wrote, “The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing.” Yikes! Sounds like someone’s a little cranky, but an expert says this is totally normal for expecting mothers, and that Jen will probably swing right back soon. But whether she’s grouchy or not, we know we’re happy that her mini-me is on the way!


Additionally, pregnant women are more likely to feel self-conscious about their bodies, which strongly indicates that The Cake actress has a bun in the oven. Now that it’s prime beach weather, we can all look forward to some some adorable baby bump pics this summer!

The ageless star also fumed that she’s “grown tired of being part of this narrative.” An expert says this sentiment strongly indicates that Jen’s expecting a little bundle of joy. “Pregnant women are very tired, so if Jen is tired, chances are that she’s pregnant.”

Soon after her colorful essay went online, hubby Justin Theroux, 44, shared a picture of the glowing mom-to-be on Instagram, with the caption “#wcw here’s just one reason why. #gogirl.” Is this a clue that the Leftovers hunk is hoping for a girl? A source close to the couple says yes, adding that Justin 100% supports an at-home birth, which makes sense, since Jen is an all-natural beauty!

All we know is that we can’t wait to see Justin as a loving father. Can he get any hotter?!

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