I know I speak for the entire Bush family when I say how proud every one of us is of Jeb’s recent campaign for the White House. George Sr., Neil, Marvin, Dorothy and I know our little Jebbie tried his hardest, and although he somehow managed to spend $150 million dollars only to drop out after failing to excite any substantial voter group, he’s still the apple of his Mama’s eye. I can’t wait for him to come home and be with us again! We’ve got a little easel set up for him right near his brother George’s where they both can paint. It will be so nice to have a second artist son around the house!

Mama loves to see her two good boys sit quietly and paint. George Jr. always did look out for Jeb when they were young, so now that Jeb abandoned his bid for the presidency, it does my heart well to know that he will be there to hold his hand as they enter the world of fine art. That’ll be nice. Mama’s two good boys, painting dogs and bowls of fruit. My boys are very creative!


Now that Jeb is done running, George Jr. will have a friend. He’ll be so happy!

You should have seen them when they were little, always squakin’ and a-squabblin’ over each and every thing. One time Jeb got so fed up with his older brother that he broke George’s favorite paintbrush and tried to blame it on the dog. We saw right through that, though. George Sr. gave Jeb the spanking of his life that night, second only to the spanking he’s received in poll after poll this election cycle. Jebbie cried and cried. George Sr. is too big to spank Jeb now, though!

I do hope my little Jebbie doesn’t get discouraged because painting is hard, like he did his presidential campaign. I also hope he doesn’t feel like his paintings will just hang in the shadow of his big brother’s paintings, like he did his presidential campaign. I love both of my good boys just the same. The fact that one grew up to be a two-term president who is a wonderful painter while the other worked in Florida has no bearing on a mother’s love.

All that matters to me is that my two good boys are home with me now, expressing their creativity. I have very creative boys, you know! It will be so nice to have a second son who sits at home and paints!

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