After extensive voting, the results are in. Here are the best capes of 2015, in no particular order at all!

Cape Cod

A classic. Jutting out of our nation’s most Boston state, this cape is a great place to spend the summer. It’s got the cape-est beaches New England has to offer. “Pass me a lobsta’ roll, Ben Affleck!”

Cape Canaveral

Vroommmmm. Off goes the rockets of the United States of America to explore the universe and to defend our freedom. This cape is in beautiful Florida (a cape itself some argue) and is a great place to experience all that southern capes have to offer.

Cape of Good Hope

This is a positive cape if I’ve ever met one. This cape is at the tippy end of the African continent and wishes good wishes on every sailor and pirate that passes by. Famously, this cape opposed apartheid.

Tom’s Cape

Everyone in the family thinks Tom doesn’t look good in this cape but it’s Tom’s cape, not their cape. Tom’s cape is a lavender velvet number from a store in Akron, Ohio that Tom can’t remember the name of.

Cape Fear

Or “Cape Spiders” if this cape was personalized to me. This cape off the coast of North Carolina later became a movie directed by Martin Scorsese starring America’s most reasonable person, Nick Nolte.

Cape Flattery

You’re strong. You’re smart. Any man would want you. Don’t settle, you’re a catch. Similar to the fish one could catch in the ocean directly adjacent to Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. Salmon probably.

Images via:
NY Daily News

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