Ever the consummate entertainer, Beyoncé has proven time and again that nothing can faze her during a live performance. She has deftly recovered from losing her balance, getting her hair caught in a fan, and ripping out an earring—all without missing a beat. But the singer topped herself at her most recent performance, when an anvil fell out of the sky onto her head.

Audience members were busy dancing along to Beyoncé’s hit “Formation” when the 200 pound anvil dropped unexpectedly on top of the singer. Fans were horrified, but unsurprisingly, Beyoncé dealt with the situation with the professionalism of a seasoned entertainer.

Bey deftly pushed the heavy iron block off of her, then grabbed her head and pulled her body, now squished into an accordion-like shape, up off of the ground. She continued singing as her cartoonishly flattened body bobbed up and down perfectly in sync with the beat. During an instrumental break, Beyoncé calmly asked the crowd how they were doing, and was met with a deafening round of cheers.

After the song was over, Beyoncé blew into her thumb to re-inflate her body to its normal shape and size. She then immediately launched into a powerful rendition of “Freedom.” Long live Queen Bey!

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