Following the positive reception of President Barack Obama’s handpicked Summer Spotify playlist last week, we at The White House Spotify account are pleased today to release Vice President Joe Biden’s playlist, which it looks like is just “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry, 138 times.

Notably different from the Commander-in-Chief’s selections, which spanned multiple decades and genres, Biden’s 7 hour and 46 minute-long playlist appears to span just one recording of one band’s 2006 song.

Additionally, it does not appear to be summer specific (which we specifically told him it should) because he has titled it, “ALLDAYEVERYDAY!!”

While we fully support Vice President Joe Biden, we must make clear we do not support “Crazy Bitch”, an overtly crass song that follows a man who is fucking a crazy bitch, but the craziness is manageable because she fucks so good.

Ryan Creamer writes for Reductress and CollegeHumor. Follow him on Twitter at @iamryancreamer

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