The Simpsons couch gag is one of the show’s most beloved hallmarks, and The Treehouse of Horror openings are a treat for film buffs everywhere. Over the years, they’ve managed to keep the Halloween couch gags entertaining by paying homage to the greats like Hitchcock and getting directors like Guillermo del Toro to guest direct.  Check out the clips below for our collection of the best Treehouse of Horror intros from over the years:

Treehouse of Horror III:

The first special intro for a Treehouse of Horror episode, where Homer brilliantly pays homage to Hitchcock:

Treehouse of Horror V:

Congress threatens to pull the episode, and ‘The Outer Limits’ gets a tribute:

Treehouse of Horror IX:

A more violent (and realistic) take on the normal intro for the show:

Treehouse of Horror XIV:

Grandpa’s delivery of “I’m still cold” is one of his best lines ever:

Treehouse of Horror XV:

We’d watch a full season of ‘Keepin’ it Kodos': 

Treehouse of Horror XVII:

Moe’s blood is a genius:

Treehouse of Horror XIX:

President McCain? That is scary!:  

Treehouse of Horror XXI:

‘The Office’ gets a pretty great homage: 

Treehouse of Horror XXIV (by Guillermo Del Toro):

For those of you who like easter eggs, Guillermo Del Toro’s intro last season is a veritable smörgåsbord

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