Dissecting animals in science class has become a rite of passage in high schools across the country. But one biology teacher is allowing his students to, in his words, “go freestyle” on some frogs.

“Lay the frog on its back, pin its limbs to the tray, lift the skin between the hind legs and make a small incision, blah blah blah blah blah,” said Mr. Kindler. “I want to see some originality! Hack away with a cleaver! Stab it with a pencil! Tear it apart with your bare hands, whatever!”

Kindler claims that bringing creativity to science classes is long overdue and he hopes to help fix the problem with this experiment. However, several teachers said off the record that Kindler privately divulged to them that he is more interested in “the crazy shit that’s gonna go down.”

“Every part of this is gonna be so much more fun now,” said Kindler grinning. “Except the cleanup. The cleanup’s gonna be way worse.”

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