In a desperate attempt to distract fans from an abysmal season, the Cleveland Browns have hung a giant LeBron banner outside FirstEnergy Stadium.

“LeBron is absolutely the most beloved figure in Cleveland right now,” said a member of the Browns marketing team. “Our team needs to throw up a smoke screen or just create some sort of diversion, so that our fans don’t focus on us probably going 0-16 and jumping ship.”

The banner was hung in a spot to maximally block any reference to the Cleveland Browns over the main entrance to the stadium. Smaller LeBron banners were hung throughout the stadium on each concourse as well. Lastly, the endzone paint was replaced with LeBron references as well.

“We’re hoping these images of LeBron serve as a sort of pacifying agent for fans who are forced to endure watching our team play football these days,” continued marketing team member. “Heck, maybe the big banner will also trick some fans into coming this way thinking they’ll be getting basketball. That’d be cool.”

The Browns also confirmed that if LeBron himself wanted to actually attend a game, it’d really help them out right about now.

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