Woah, that was some wild ride, gang. Cheek Week is officially over and boy did we have a butt-blast. Don’t get bummed though – if you missed any of our articles, farticles, or butt particles, you can check ‘em all out below. And don’t worry: just because Cheek Week is over doesn’t mean we’ll stop writing about butt stuff. We’re still a comedy website, so there are plenty more tushy pleasures to come.

Complete Cheek Week Catalogue:
Butt Sex: Is It Possible?
How To Wipe Properly
Let’s Ban Motion Sensing Bathroom Lights That Turn Off While We’re Pooping
I Didn’t Poop My Pants, You’re All From A Parallel Universe
Can You Identify A Butt Slap Just By Its Sound
Where Does Your Back End And Your Butt Begin?
How To Take A Toilet Selfie
I Tried Not Using My Butt For A Month And Here’s What Happened
I’m Stealing Your Butt Energy From The Toilet Seat
5 Beauty Tips To Keep Those Cheeks Looking Young
Wiping: Back To Front Or Front To Back?
We Strapped A Go-Pro To A Butt For A Day
Fuck It It’s Friday: Bradley Pooper

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