I wouldn’t be asking the internet if I wasn’t desperate, but I need an answer and I need it fast: can I get an STD from a toilet seat if I have sex with it?

Look, I understand you can’t get an STD from a toilet seat just from sitting on it. Everyone knows that’s a myth. But if I’m using the toilet seat of a shared bathroom for sexual pleasure, it seems like that changes the equation? There’s A LOT more contact, a lot more friction, and I’m definitely not just sitting on it. Maybe fluids touching fluids. It’s hard to remember, I was in a weird headspace, but I can try to if that makes a big difference.

What I’m not asking for is for your judgement. I’m young, experimenting, and this is currently my jam. But I do need an answer to my question, and also, I have a lot more questions.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Does it make a difference if I use one of those toilet seat covers? Does that count as a “condom”? Does a regular condom count as a condom? Do a regular condom and a toilet seat cover cancel each other out like wearing two regular condoms, or does that just make it super-okay to have sex with a toilet seat? What about flushing, does that make things better or worse?

I’ve googled all of this and, amazingly, there’s not a single article or even forum post offering any kind of advice to my situation. My gut feeling about this question is “yes, definitely” but I want to make sure before I go further down this road.

Please help.

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