With more and more women joining the workforce each year, finding a work-life balance has become quite the challenge. Between juggling career, family, and now Pokémon Go, many are asking themselves an increasingly pertinent question:

Can women really catch ’em all?

Economist Jill Eckstein says women can catch ‘em all, but that it’s all about setting expectations. “The reality of the matter is that there are a finite number of hours in the week, so nobody is going to catch ‘em as quickly as they’d like. So ask yourself at the beginning of each week: what do I want to catch? A Charmander? A Jigglypuff? Once you have that, write down all the places where you’d find them, and see if it fits in realistically with your schedule.”


However, organization expert Sandra Holloway argues that it’s impossible for women to catch ‘em all. “The sooner you can admit that there’s no way you can catch ‘em all, the more quickly you will come to terms with reality. Family should always come first, then career, then Pokémon. Of course, this means that younger or single women will be catching ‘em more than their married peers.”

Others say that having a supportive partner is key. For instance, if a woman has a supportive husband that understands and respects her goals, he can pick up the kids from school, allowing her to squeeze in one more battle.

One thing is for sure, however: men have it way easier when it comes to catching ‘em all. Most women are very familiar with “invisible” work at home—laundry, cooking, and disciplining kids, for example—which leaves less time for them to catch invisible creatures. Unfortunately, since women don’t get paid for chores or Pokémon, there’s often no clear priority between the two.

“Each woman will have to decide for herself: do I need this Zubat more than time with friends? Do I leave work on time so I can hit the Pokégym? Do I cook all my meals so I can feel less guilty about in-app purchases?” says Eckstein. “These are all important questions we all should be asking ourselves, before we wake up one day, wondering about the Raichu we never had.”

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