Put your goggles on, 90’s kids: you’re about to get slimed by nostalgia! Nickelodeon has announced the launch of The Splat, an entire network dedicated to the classic Nicktoons we loved as kids. No formal broadcast schedule has been announced yet, but we’re already hungry for a throwback sandwich with extra pickles- Tommy Pickles, that is! Here’s a breakdown of the classic Nicktoons we can’t wait to fall in love with all over again.

1. Dadmom

classic nicktoons
One time MY parents got into a bad car crash with a chemical truck- but it wasn’t half as fun as this! Who’s in front? Who’s in back? Who’s driving? (They’re BOTH driving… their kids nuts!) There’s not an 90’s kid alive who didn’t love watching Dadmom get into one zany adventure after another, arguing almost as much as my parents did when they got in a bad car crash with a chemical truck.

2. Hey Kid!

classic nicktoons
Yeah you! Over there! You! What was this kid’s name, and what was this show even about? There is no telling. Five seasons, several holiday specials, and one theatrical release later, we know even less about him than we did before ever meeting him! Truth be told, I was not allowed to watch this show.

3. C.L.O.W.N.

classic nicktoons
Let’s all be grateful that Michael Bay has kept his hands off of C.L.O.W.N.! Sure, these rodeo robots (rather, Covert Lazer Operated Warrior Ninjas) might have been a glorified toy commercial, but it was OUR glorified toy commercial! Its too bad that Hollywood has to wreck all the good and smart ideas like C.L.O.W.N.

4. Spuzz

classic nicktoons
When it comes to Nicktoons, there’s one character who was always a head above the rest- because he was literally growing out of a neck! We’re talking Spuzz, that rude dude who lived to seep ooze. The only thing more infectious than the laughs on Spuzz was Spuzz himself! Uh-oh, he spuzzed on you! Now you’re going to grow a Spuzz too!

5. Cupside Down with Cupsy

classic nicktoons
Dump him out or fill him up, its the only newscaster who’s also a cup! Fun Fact: Cupside Down was based on a Chilean television program which is currently in its 35th season. In Chile, Cupsy remains a beloved public figure and briefly appeared on the Chilean peso.

6. Skellybone Brothers

classic nicktoons
When your teeth start a-chattering and a chill runs up your spine, there’s just one pair of brothers who’ll solve your supernatural crime: The Skellybone Brothers! We LOVED watching Fibula and Femur debunk a haunting, even if they themselves were unable to rest until they solved their own murder. (We think it was their Dad!)

7. Dorg

classic nicktoons DORGLet’s face it, Dorg was a loser- a loser living in a bad town. His friends were losers, his dog was a loser, and I consider myself lucky that I grew up to be so awesome considering all the time I spent watching this loser. Have fun with your mayonnaise girl, Dorg- we WON’T be watching!

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