If you are waiting in between classes or if you are waiting till the dorm cafeteria opens for dinner or if it’s raining outside and you forgot an umbrella and are waiting till the rain lets up — the College Campus Student Center has a very big TV.

It’s a big deal to have a big TV, they list it on the website for the entire university and feature it prominently in the college brochure. Sometimes the big TV might be unavailable because some sports guys are killing time before flag football and are watching football currently and have taken up all the couches. Sometimes the big TV is being used by the Anime club to watch anime but if you ask you can sit with them. Most of the times you can watch TV on the big TV and it’s cool because it’s bigger than the one you have in your dorm.


Snacks make the big TV even more fun.

The student center has other things: vending machines, a pool table, smaller TVs but the highlight that is worth mentioning in all PR materials for some reason is the big TV. It’s very big but already out of date with newer TVs since the student center was redone three years ago. A big TV is a big TV though.

Photo Courtesy of University of Connecticut 

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